My Manga Collection!

Reading and collecting manga is one of my hobbies. I love collecting new & old manga. I typically buy manga anywhere it is sold; retail bookstores, used bookstores, online shops, and secondhand sites. Most often I buy from Barnes & Noble, local used bookstores, and Rightstuf anime.

This is a list of manga that I am currently buying/following or have completed!
Manga Year Status Comments
Cardcaptor Sakura Collector's Edition Publishing Collecting Vols 1-7/12. I've read this series to completion as well as watched the anime several times, so I decided to collect the special collector's edition currently being published by Kodansha. If you are a lover of the series this huge, hardcover version is awesome! The pages are really thick and glossy! The artwork is super beautiful and the screentones come out sooo clear and detailedon the pure white pages.
Witch Hat Atelier Ongoing Collecting Vols 1-8/?. The most beautiful manga ever, period. AND it has amazing characters and story. It is hard to not be impressed with this one.
Death Note Black Edition Completed Collecting Vols 1-3/6. I decided to pick up Death Note with the release of the black edition. So far it does not disappoint and is a lot better than I expected! I have featured this manga on my 'currently reading' page.
Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle Ongoing Collecting Vols 1-14/? My BIGGEST collection... this manga is too funny and ALL the characters are sooo lovable.
Nicola Traveling Around the Demons' World Completed Collected Vols 4-4. Very cute
Chobits Completed Collecting Vols 1-7/8. A CLAMP classic. I have read this one before, but decided to collect it after receiving most copies as a gift when it was found at a used bookstore.
The Demon Girl Next Door Ongoing Collecting 1-5/?. One of my favorite anime!
Kobato. Completed Collecting Vols 1-3/6. Another one by CLAMP!
Angelic Layer Completed Collecting Vol 1/5. Another one by CLAMP, found this copy at a used bookstore so I hope to find the rest one day too!
Sugar Sugar Rune Completed Collecting Vols 1-3/8. Found 3 volumes at a used bookstore and picked them up!

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