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My Manga Collection

Former 'Currently Reading' Entries

I'm often reading a number of manga at a time, but here's some of my old 'currently reading' entries that I've posted on my site.

Sugar Sugar Rune

I luckily picked up Vols 1,2,&3 at a used bookstore.
The backgrounds are really pretty! Their magical world is like year round halloween and reminds me so much of the Gothic Lolita Bible, so I love it.

Kobato. by CLAMP

My partner's mom got the first three volumes for me! The innocence reminds me a lot of both CLAMP's Chobits and CardCaptor Sakura, and the art is a little bit like CLAMP's Tsubasa Chronicles. Overall, I'm really enjoying it!

Death Note

Since Death Note was released in omnibus-style Black Edition, I have been collecting the series. I am currently on book 4. I never watched the anime since it always looked terrible to me, but I read some of the manga when I was a weeeeee one back in the day. I don't remember a single thing, so I am basically reading it for the first time now. I have to say, I really enjoy it, I think its very captivating and well done, and I think the artwork is just outstanding. It is really hard for me to read manga these days if the backgrounds aren't good, and Death Note does not disappoint. I highly reccomend reading the manga if you haven't already.