In the quiet town of Sylvania...

Sylvanian Families (シルバニアファミリー, Shirubania Famirī) is a line of collectible anthropomorphic animal figurines made of flocked plastic. They were created by the Japanese gaming company Epoch in 1985. Today, they are distributed worldwide by a number of companies.

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Highbranch Giraffe Family
Left to Right:
Egbert Highbranch - Giraffe father
Olive Highbranch - Giraffe mother
Bran Highbranch - Baby giraffe brother
Brie Highbranch - Baby giraffe sister
Cycling With Mother
Left to right:
Penny Farthing - Chestnut Dog mother
Rally Farthing - Chestnut dog baby brother
Baby Celebration Marching Band
Left to right: Matthew Buckley, Ambrose Walnut, Ryan Persian, Tony Pookie, Crème Chocolate

This set was limited edition set released for 35th anniversary of Sylvanian Families.
Baby Trick or Treaters Set
Left to right:
Apricot Sandy - Striped Cat Baby Sister (Believes that it rains when she cries. Hobby: playing on slide)
Crème Chocolate - Chocolate Rabbit Baby Sister (Hobby: Playing with birds)
Brianna Persian - Persian Cat Baby Sister, in ghost costume
Left to right:
Gloria Midnight - Midnight Cat Baby Sister, in witch costume
Reggie Midnight - Midnight Cat Baby Brother, in witch costume
Left to right:
Breeze Chocolate - Chocolate Rabbit Baby Sister
Mathew Buckley -
Mia Cakebread -
Dash Kennelworth - Dalmatian baby brother
Left to right:
Monty McBurrows – baby mole brother
Henry Periwinkle - Milk Rabbit Baby Brother
Jenny Brightfield - Goat Baby Sister (Hobby: to sing and play on the swing)

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