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I stopped drinking coffee in the morning for a week. When I had coffee first thing in the morning today, I didn't feel very well! I didn't realize that I was drinking coffee to early. I think I'll start having my first cup a few hours after waking up from now on.


Here is a song I think you should try out...

Mini Journal

June 24, 2022
I'd like to add some of my other hobbies to this website.
I also like collecting Sylvanian Families, anime figures, and manga, so I think I need sections for that...
I just haven't really figured out how to do those yet. Just pictues of what I have?

Currently Reading

Sugar Sugar Rune

I luckily picked up Vols 1,2,&3 at a used bookstore.
The backgrounds are really pretty! Their magical world is like year round halloween and reminds me so much of the Gothic Lolita Bible, so I love it.

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