Cats I've Met

This page is a dedication to all the cats I've met.

Kitty, my cat.
The most precious cat, ever.
You will live in my heart forever!

Hobbes lives on Big Island, Hawaii.
He's very sweet and likes to say hello.

Jungle Kitty
I met Jungle Kitty on Big Island, Hawaii.
As you can see he is very young. Upon meeting him, he was quite feral.
But he's very sweet, and I got to know him well while we shared territory.
I miss him so much, and I hope he's doing well.

The oldest cat among the Big Island cat tribe.
Quite elusive, very independent, but a big baby once he trusts you.

The wimpiest of the Big Island cats.
He kept a watchful eye on me and my boyfriend when we swam in the creek on his territory.

Hobbes' brother.
A bully.

A library cat who lives at Illiad Bookstore in Hollywood, California.

My roommate's cat.
An absolute warrior princess, she patrols the fornt yard at least once a day.

My rommate's 2nd cat.
This little devil will get into everything you own but is immune to punishment because he is too cute or simply does not understand.
His head is filled with air, and its very lovable.

This three legged cat I met on my walk in San Luis Obispo, California likes to meow and recieve a few pets.

I met this cat when I walked into someone's back yard accidentally. It happens!
The cat was not a very good gatekeeper.

This friendly, chonky California boy is the neighborhood playboy!
He loves pets and will follow you home unless you walk very quickly.